The Great Grizzlies Go Home

The Great Grizzlies Go Home

written and illustrated by Judy Hilgemann
Harbour Publishing, 2020
ISBN 978-1-55017-907-1
$23.95 (hc), 32 pp, ages 3 – 8

Two curious young grizzly bears go on a very long swim, landing on Cormorant Island, far from their usual home in the Great Bear Rainforest on the west coast of Canada. They find red cranberries in the bog on the hillside above the community of Alert Bay, then wander through backyards and feast on plums. But a village full of people is no place for grizzly bears, and it’s time for a helicopter ride home! Based on a true story, The Great Grizzlies Go Home relates an adventurous journey of these iconic animals, ending with their safe relocation back to the mainland. A page of Grizzly Bear Facts, Hiking and Camping Safety tips, and a map of the area make this a great teaching tool as well as an interesting story.

This book was included in Canadian Teacher Magazine’s Spring 2020 Issue.

Because of the difficulties in distributing new books to our reviewers across Canada due to Covid-19, this title has not been reviewed. It was chosen to be highlighted here because it looks to be useful or interesting, particularly in these extraordinary times when parents may be looking for resources to help their children learn at home. Please note that the description has been supplied by the publisher and is not an assessment by an independent reviewer. 

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