Environmentalists from our First Nations

Environmentalists from our First Nations

by Vincent Schilling
Second Story Press, 2011
ISBN 978-1-897187-98-2
$10.95, 127 pp, ages 14+

These short biographies of environmentalists are sure to engage a whole classroom of readers. From the focus on a particular environmental crisis, to a description of each person’s native heritage, to the writing style and level, the stories are accessible to readers young and old. In Chapter 3, Clayton Thomas-Muller calls to the reader in saying, “Young people who read this book should know that the question isn’t ‘What can I do with my life?’ It is, ‘Can I handle the responsibilities of the things I ask for?’” In Chapter 9, Klee Benally uses the power of media and social networking to empower individuals and lead youth to speak out against environmental and cultural crises.

Classroom Connections: Although some of the featured life stories began long ago and some more recently, all provide opportunities for teachers to explore transforming as a reading and thinking strategy with students. This transformation in thinking can lead readers to consider how their own action (or inaction) is impacting the environment and the people around them.

Review by Amanda Parker.

This review is from Canadian Teacher Magazine’s Mar/Apr 2012 issue.

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