The Secret World of Lichens

The Secret World of Lichens: A Young Naturalist’s Guide

by Troy McMullin in collaboration with the Canadian Museum of Nature
Firefly Books, 2022
ISBN 9780228103998 (hc) / 9780228103981(sc)
$19.95 (hc) / $9.95 (sc), 48 pp, ages 8 – 12

The Secret World of Lichens contains a wealth of information about a life form not often written about for a young audience. It begins with a fascinating introduction that defines and describes lichens, how they grow, and the historical uses of lichens by people and wild animals. In the following pages, individual lichens are showcased with gorgeous photographs and a short explanatory note. The simplicity of the one-lichen-per-page format is perfect for the target audience, allowing readers to enjoy a clear image and read key information about 40 of the most interesting lichens in the world. A glossary of key terms is included.

Classroom Connections: This book could be taken along on outdoor excursions and used to help identify and compare lichens seen in parks and wild spaces. It could be used as a model to create a classroom book of lichens. It has interesting browsing potential for your classroom library of science books and will help open your students’ eyes to the existence of these unique organisms.

Review by Diana Mumford.

This review is featured in Canadian Teacher Magazine’s Winter 2024 issue.

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