Candle Point

Candle Point

by Nancy Deas
illustrated by Mike Deas
Orca Book Publishers, 2023
ISBN 978-1-4598-3151-3
$16.95, 192 pp, ages 7 – 10

This fourth book in the Sueño Bay Adventures series is set in Candle Point on Robertson Island in Haida Gwaii as winter begins to set in. The graphic novel follows Kay as she temporarily moves from her bus-converted-to-bedroom in Sueño Bay to her aunt’s lighthouse at Candle Point after a power outage leaves her without heat. Outgoing, independent, and adventurous, Kay doesn’t think twice about walking through the coming snowstorm to find her aunt and invites her friends to visit her when she gets there. Kay’s frolicsomeness causes problems for her aunt, her friends, and the magical Moon Creatures. When Kay rearranges the Moon Creatures’ crystals, the creatures respond by mining for more, causing the bridge to the island to fall and trapping all of them on the lighthouse islet. Creative and engaging, this adventure is resolved with resourcefulness, community ties, and teamwork. This story brings readers into a natural world disconnected from the impatience, convenience, and immediacy of city life. Reading Comprehension Strategies: Making Predictions and Making Connections.

Classroom Connections: Though best as an independent reader, this text could also be used for guided reading or literature study. There are many great stopping points where readers can predict, “What will happen next?” and suggest, “How would you solve this problem?”

Review by Amanda Parker.

This review is featured in Candian Teacher Magazine’s Spring 2024 issue.

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