Exceptional Minds across the Autism Spectrum: Pathways to Success in School and Beyond

Exceptional Minds across the Autism Spectrum: Pathways to Success in School and Beyond

by Corinne Levitt
Goldene Kinder Press, 2020
ISBN 978-1-77705-89-0-6
$21.00, 270 pp, adult

In this extraordinary book about embracing the strength-based understanding of learning, Corinne Levitt brings together her own forty years of experience in teaching and integrates research and best practices from the fields of autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, psycholinguistics, neuroplasticity, sensory concerns, and cognitive development. Exceptional Minds across the Autism Spectrum offers real-life examples of lives affected by ASD and showcases the voices and experiences of Levitt’s students and their families. You will read about the practical and inexpensive techniques and strategies Levitt has developed, along with profiles of leaders in autism education who have shaped the field as it is today. Exceptional Minds provides a powerful new way of thinking about autism and education, giving the reader the tools to see past student deficits and recognize the potential to learn and thrive.

All net proceeds from this book will be donated to various autism charities and initiatives.

This book was included in Canadian Teacher Magazine’s Spring 2020 Issue.

Because of the difficulties in distributing new books to our reviewers across Canada due to Covid-19, this title has not been reviewed. It was chosen to be highlighted here because it looks to be useful or interesting, particularly in these extraordinary times when parents may be looking for resources to help their children learn at home. Please note that the description has been supplied by the publisher and is not an assessment by an independent reviewer.

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