The Great Number Rumble

The Great Number Rumble

by Cora Lee and Gillian O’Reilly
illustrated by Virginia Gray
Annick Press, 2016
ISBN 978-1-55451-849-4 (sc)
$14.95, 104 pp, ages 9 – 12

Who knew math could be everywhere and so much fun? Jeremy and Sam are very surprised to hear that Mr. Lake, the director of education, has removed mathematics from the school curriculum. Sam, known as a “mathnik” is not happy with his decision. Jeremy is not as disappointed because he doesn’t like math as much. The story is all about Sam explaining how math is used in everything we do. He takes the students, teachers and Mr. Lake around the school to see how math is used in sports, art, music, in nature, magic and in solving crimes. You will have to read the book to see if Sam is able to save math class at his school. I liked how the book includes a lot of stories about famous mathematicians and shared tricks to try on your own that were about math. I tried out the twisted tricks  – the incredible postcard portal, the amazing shrinking quarter, and the impossible topological handcuff escape. They all worked for me. This book also has a glossary at the back if you don’t know what the math words mean. Math isn’t my favourite subject but The Great Number Rumble made math a lot of fun. If you like math you will really like this book, but even if you don’t you will be surprised how much you use math every day.

Review by Brennen, age 12.

This review is from Canadian Teacher Magazine’s Apr/May 2017 issue.

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