Proud to Play: Canadian LGBTQ+ Athletes Who Made History

Proud to Play
Canadian LGBTQ+ Athletes Who Made History

by Erin Silver
Lorimer, 2021
ISBN 978-1-4594-1512-6 (sc)
$24.95, 110 pp, ages 12 – 18

Teens and teachers should read this book because “education and visibility are the keys to progress” (Cheryl MacDonald, sports psychologist, states about homophobia and hockey). As an athlete, coach, or fan, we each have a role to make sports (and youth’s experience of sports) more inclusive. This compilation of stories of suffering and success follow some of Canada’s LGBTQ+ athletes as they strive to do their best and compete while also struggling with being true to themselves. Each of these stories documents the successes, hopes, hurts, and fears through ten sections, which can be read independently (as reference) or as part of the whole text. Through their bravery and openness, these athletes have helped others understand that discriminating against sexuality and enabling a culture of fear is barbaric. By learning more together, we can create a better world.

Classroom Connections: Can be used to identify and teach the biography genre as well as non-fiction text features (contents, glossary, timeline, photos, captions, excerpts, sidebars, quotes, lists, credits, index). Reading Comprehension Strategies: Asking Questions, Making Connections, Transforming.

Review by Amanda Forbes.

This review is featured in Canadian Teacher Magazine’s Winter 2022 issue.

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