Be a Weather Detective

Be a Weather Detective: Solving the Mysteries of Cycles, Seasons, and Elements

text and artwork by Peggy Kochanoff
Nimbus Publishing, 2019
ISBN 978-1-77108-796-4
$14.95, 56 pp, ages 4 – 9

Naturalist and artist Peggy Kochanoof answers questions about weather in this illustrated guide to solving weather mysteries for young readers. Many topics are discussed, such as Snowflakes, Clouds, Raindrops, Acid Rain, The Seasons, Hurricanes and Animal Behaviour. Weather-related activities that could be done at home are included, as well as a glossary, and a References list of books, magazines, and websites.

This book was included in Canadian Teacher Magazine’s Spring 2020 Issue.

Because of the difficulties in distributing new books to our reviewers across Canada due to Covid-19, this title has not been reviewed. It was chosen to be highlighted here because it looks to be useful or interesting, particularly in these extraordinary times when parents may be looking for resources to help their children learn at home. Please note that the description has been supplied by the publisher and is not an assessment by an independent reviewer.

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