Awesome Is Everywhere

Awesome is Everywhere

by Neil Pasricha
Penguin Random House, 2015
ISBN 9780670069330
$21.99, 32 pp, ages 3 – 7

Awesome is Everywhere is an interactive book that provides the reader the feeling of flying through the clouds, being on a beach, having a wave overhead, and listening to the quietness of being underwater. The photographs in this book allow the reader to zoom in and out to provide different perspectives on awesome areas in the world. The story starts with a question to get the reader ready for an amazing adventure and has a surprise ending that makes you realize how awesome you are.

Classroom Connections: This book lends itself well to visualizing and zooming in lessons with students. In an intermediate classroom, this book could be introduced to have students look at their own areas and neighbourhoods and write about the great environment around them. Using technology, a teacher could have students take iPads or cameras out into the school community to take photos of sights. Students could download the photos and create their own books or posters about the awesome environments they live in. This book could be used in a science lesson to discuss environments and the importance of taking care of our ecosystems so that everyone has the opportunity to share in the awesomeness of the world.

Review by Cindy Haack.

This review is from Canadian Teacher Magazine’s Apr/May 2016 issue.

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