What the Snakes Wrote

What the Snakes Wrote

by Hazel Hutchins
Annick Press, 2013
ISBN 978-1-55451-472-4
$9.95 (sc) / $21.95 (hc), 32 pp, ages 4 – 8

I really liked this book because it is about Rufus and the farmer caring about the snakes. Farmers know about their animals and listen to them. Rufus knew the snakes were trying to tell him something important, so he had to get the farmer to stop filling in the big hole because it was their home.

One of my favourite parts was when the snakes got their home back. I liked all the twisting the snakes did with their bodies. I am in gymnastics and I like how my body can bend and change shapes. I like the facts at the back of the book about snakes living in dens in the winter.

Other people who would like this book are Haydin, Shea, Joey, Dusty, Raph, Sanoa, Ella, Sofia and Chloe because they like to bend and spring and surf and move their bodies in different shapes.

Review by Aqua, age 8, grade 3.

This review is from Canadian Teacher Magazine’s Apr/May 2014 issue.

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