Govern Like A Girl: The Women Who Became Canada’s First Ministers

Govern Like A Girl
The Women Who Became Canada’s First Ministers

by Kate Graham
Second Story Press, 2021
ISBN 978-1-77260-210-4
$22.95, 101 pp, map, glossary, ages 9 – 12

In 2019, Kate Graham travelled around Canada to interview thirteen women. These interviews captured the stories of the only women in Canadian history to hold the position of premier or prime minister. A 2020 podcast called No Second Chances (about the rise and fall of women in Canadian politics) was created from these interviews and became the inspiration for this book. Govern Like A Girl documents the lives of these thirteen women from their childhoods to their careers in politics. Despite being from diverse backgrounds, all their stories have one thing in common: they stepped up and spoke up to effect change in their home communities before they gained political influence and power.

Classroom Connections: The map, glossary, and fact boxes are among the non-fiction text features that make this book accessible to younger readers The content contains many links to the social studies curriculum at the intermediate grade levels and provides connections to several literacy goals: questioning, inferring, making connections, transforming.

Review by Brenda Boreham.

This review is featured in Canadian Teacher Magazine’s Winter 2022 issue.

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