Must-Have Classroom Resource: The Nature Detectives Science Series – Revised and Now Available in Full-Colour


Pacific Edge Publishing has just released updated, full-colour editions of their popular Nature Detectives Series!  

The Nature Detectives Series is a set of five books and five teacher’s guides that address the grade 2 to 4 learning standards in the BC Science curriculum.

Written by award-winning BC author Diane Swanson, the Nature Detectives Series tells the stories of groups of adventurous nature detectives as they discover the life in five ecosystems: forest, seashore, wetland, grassland, and river. These fact-filled books provide primary teachers with a language-based resource from which Science and Language Arts can be extended across the curriculum.

Each book introduces children to one of five fascinating ecosystems. The books show how plants and animals interact and adapt themselves to their environment. They show how living things depend on non-living things, such as water, light, and soil. The books also present examples of fossil life, Indigenous peoples’ uses of plants and animals in each ecosystem, and the ways people harm — and help — ecosystems. By the end of each book, readers will have a new appreciation for an important ecosystem.

Each text includes a glossary, index, and information about:

  • the diversity of plants and animals in an ecosystem
  • how plants and animals have adapted themselves to their environment
  • how plants and animals interact with each other
  • the life cycles of specific plants and animals
  • fossil records of plants and animals
  • the causes and effects of extinction and endangerment of plants and animals
  • Indigenous peoples’ uses of plants and animals

Teacher’s Guides are also available for this series.  Each guide provides excellent support materials to meet the learning standards for the development of skills and the acquisition of knowledge. The guides facilitate the integrative teaching of Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

Each guide includes:

  • activities integrating themes across the curriculum (Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Art)
  • hands-on activities
  • reproducible blackline masters
  • suggested assessment strategies and tools
  • references and annotated resource list of related titles
  • links to appropriate WWW sites

These respected resources, now updated and available in full colour, will continue to inform and inspire young readers while delivering Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts curricula in a way that encourages inquiry, hands-on exploration, and the acquisition of crucial competencies, such as social responsibility and critical and creative thinking skills.  These are must-have resources for the classroom and for inspiring the next generation of environmental champions and green leaders!

Learn more about the Nature Detectives Series on Pacific Edge Publishing’s website:

Check out “Into the Forest: Forest Biomes” in the latest issue of Canadian Teacher Magazine, in which The Cedar Club Forest Detectives and a lesson plan from the Teacher’s Guide are shared:

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