Roots of Empathy Symposium


The theme for the Roots of Empathy Research Symposium 2021 is “Empathy and Well-being.” Like-minded individuals from health, education, research, and aligned fields will come together in a thought-provoking, two-day, virtual symposium—you can join top North American neuroscientists and experts on well-being and empathy like Dr. Richard Davidson, Dr. Dan Siegel, Prof. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, and Dr. Bruce Perry. The symposium will also dive into topics such as empathy in leadership and social justice, and will explore an across-border perspective on black fatherhood. In honour of Roots of Empathy’s 25th anniversary, the inaugural Roots of Empathy Social Justice Award will be awarded to His Honour Justice Murray Sinclair, LLB, MSC, IPC. Registration is free at:

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