Nutrition Information from the BC Dairy Association


The BC Dairy Association (BCDA) offers a comprehensive range of nutrition education programs and materials supporting classroom education from Kindergarten through Grade 12, as well as resources for adults. The association’s team of registered dietitians has retooled its four core classroom workshops for teachers of primary and intermediate grades, and is now presenting them via Zoom. The association also offers downloadable lesson plans and have illustrated how these can be adapted for the virtual classroom. Additionally, the association offers a program for teachers of secondary school students called BC At The Table which provides material that can be used in Culinary Arts and Science courses.

The four core workshops, each an hour long and led by a registered dietitian via Zoom, have been adapted to the home learning environment, while still retaining a strong hands-on learning focus. These workshops include:

Food Explorers. For children in Kindergarten and Grade 1, this workshop explores a variety of foods through hands-on experiences.

Food for Us! For children in Grade 2 and 3, this program helps students investigate how they can make their own healthy meal choices.

Food Sense. For older children in Grade 4 – 6, this program helps students find ways to make sustainable, healthy changes in food choices.

Passport to Healthy Living. For youth in Grade 4 – 7, this program integrates physical activity, nutrition, and environmental awareness with nutrition in a fun, planned activity.

The programs are consistent with BC’s current educational curriculum, and are being updated to the new Canada Food Guide. Teachers interested in learning more or signing up for any of these workshops via Zoom can visit virtual-workshops/

BCDA offers a diverse array of lesson plans online, which teachers can download. Topics include:

A Food Guide Digital Scavenger Hunt for students in Grade 6 and above;

Mindful Eating Lesson Plans for students in Grade 4 – 12;

Mystery Food Activities for students in Kindergarten through Grade 8;

Apple Tasting Lesson Plan for students in Grades 2 – 12;

Breakfast Basics for Intermediate, Middle, and Secondary students;

Making Cheese for students in Grade 2 – 12.

Visit to view and download lesson plans.


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