Small Act Big Impact Challenge


The Small Act Big Impact 21-Day Challenge, an initiative founded by Morgane Michael (a
10-year teacher from Victoria, BC), serves to promote and cultivate safe and supportive cultures in workplaces and schools by encouraging teachers, students and parents to intentionally commit to performing at least one altruistic act per day for 21 consecutive days.
It’s been scientifically proven that people not only feel happier when they do kind acts, but
their actions actually contribute to making those around them happier, too! Habits of perspective-taking, altruism, and gratitude are formed at the neurological level and eventually
lead to significant positive, long-lasting ripple-effects in workplace and school cultures. When people feel safe, they feel empowered to share their best ideas and become the best expressions of themselves.

Morgane has just launched KindSight 101, a podcast for educators, where you’ll hear from world-renowned educational leaders about the mobilizing power of kindness. In each episode, she seeks to challenge our assumptions and venture beyond the status quo in education, in order to truly see, hear, and seek to understand those within our charge.

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