The Green Teen: The Eco-Friendly Teen’s Guide to Saving the Planet

The Green Teen: The Eco-friendly Teen’s Guide to Saving the Planet

by Jenn Savedge
New Society Publishers, 2009
ISBN 978-0-86571-649-0
$14.95, 192 pp, ages 13 – 19

Alarming news and predictions about issues facing the planet are everywhere. It’s enough to make even the most optimistic person feel hopeless. How can we counteract the bad news and help young people avoid falling into depression and despair? It’s easy to say that we have to change, but what does that mean? What can we do to make a difference? The Green Teen answers these questions in language and a format that teens can relate and respond to. With basic information and suggestions for concrete actions, this guide will help individual teens make personal changes, then combine forces with others to green their schools and communities. Options explored include how to shop, how to eat, how to deal with waste and how to conserve energy. Frequent “Why Bother?” notes give real reasons for making the effort to change behaviour. The Green Teen is a great book to put into the hands of young people who are motivated but unsure of what to do, and those who might be helped out of despair by taking some positive action.

This review is from Canadian Teacher Magazine’s November 2009 issue.

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