The Curse of Akkad Climate
Upheavals That Rocked Human History

Annick Press, 2008
ISBN 978-1-55451-118-1 (pb)
ISBN 978-1-55451-119-8 (hc)
$11.95 (pb) / $19.95 (hc), 144 pp, ages 10 – 15

This is a fascinating history of climate and the impact it has had on civilizations throughout history. Christie writes about major weather events: floods, droughts, volcanoes and other occurrences that have had catastrophic effects on the land, people and civilizations impacted. Much of the book details happenings from long ago, such as the fate of the Harappan society, which flourished about the same time as ancient Egypt and all but disappeared from history— probably destroyed by a crop-killing drought. However, Christie also touches on the impact we humans have today on the environment and what this means and will mean to our civilization. A great read, with lots of interesting side bars; this one is sure to captivate readers.

This review is from Canadian Teacher Magazine’s May 2009 issue.

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