Wayi Wah! Indigenous Pedagogies

Wayi Wah! Indigenous Pedagogies
An Act for Reconciliation and Anti-Racist Education

by Jo Chrona
Portage & Main Press, 2022
ISBN 978-1774920466 (pb)
$32, 200 pp

If you are feeling uneducated yourself and unsure about how to help your students grapple with the concepts of racism and reconciliation, let this book be your guide to greater understanding and confidence. The chapter headings are an excellent reflection of the scope of the content and will give you an idea of how useful this book is. Each chapter includes Reflection Questions and suggestions for Taking Action.

1. Where Do We Begin? Setting Up Our Space in a Good Way

2. Indigenous Education Is Not Multicultural Education

3. Yes, You Have a Role: Reconciliation Through Education

4. So, Let’s Talk About the R Word

5. An Indigenous Informed Pedagogy: The First Peoples Principles of Learning

6. Authentic Indigenous Resources

7. A Story of One System: Indigenous Education in British Columbia

8. Now What?

The author has focussed on Indigenous education for more than twenty years. She brings to this book a deep understanding of how our education system underserves Indigenous children and a passion for equity. It will challenge your own assumptions and make you question your own thinking. But more importantly, it will help you become an ally for children who need systemic change if they are to take their rightful place in today’s world. A list of references offers many opportunities for further study.

Review by Diana Mumford.

This review is featured in Canadian Teacher Magazine’s Fall 2022 issue

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