From the Classroom

Stories on timely, relevant topics of interest to K-12 teachers. Articles may cover classroom management and practice, lesson plans and strategy descriptions. Do you have an activity that’s particularly effective with your students? A great tip for classroom management, organizing your time, dealing with social issues, or building classroom community? Personal essays about a teacher’s poignant, revelatory, even humorous experiences with kids, staff members, parents or community? Colour photographs or samples of students’ work that clarify your ideas are helpful.

The Big Picture

Articles to help busy educators tune into education trends and issues, current research results and professional development opportunities.

Focus on Schools

Let us know if something exciting is happening in your school.

After School

If you have taken a fantastic holiday or trip, especially if there is an educational component to it, we are looking for informative and entertaining articles involving teachers outside the classroom.

Healthy Living

Topics could include coping with teaching and family, strategies to stay healthy while teaching, relaxing and rejuvenating, planning for retirement.

Book Reviews

A limited number of new releases are reviewed in each issue. The books chosen for review generally have a strong curriculum connection or serve to highlight some aspect of Canadian culture. The reviewers are people working in the field of education who have a passion for books and literacy and who volunteer their time to help us showcase books that could be used in Canadian classrooms and school libraries. Click on Contact Us in the menu bar above for the address to which review copies may be mailed.


Announcements about new contests, products, programs or services that are relevant to classroom teachers. Up to 200 words. Please write your announcement as objectively as possible, avoiding superlatives and wording that sounds like a sales pitch.

Pro D Calendar

We are happy to print announcements of upcoming events anywhere in Canada that may be of interest to educators.

Classified Ads

Have you self-published a teaching unit or wanting to market a product to teachers? Interested in arranging a home exchange or renting vacation accommodation? Take advantage of our classified ads which will reach out to teachers across Canada. $35 for 35 words (min).



Please email your query proposal, outlining your idea. We may accept an article but hold it for a future publication.


We invite informational and entertaining material. If you have business or organizational interests, please deal informatively with the topic and avoid overt self-promotion.


As you write, think: How can I make this article most useful for teachers? Write in your natural voice, as if you were talking to a colleague. Whenever possible, gender should be neutral. For example, instead of “man” or “mankind” use “people.”


Please provide full contact information and a bio-note at the end of the piece for inclusion in the magazine, referring to your relevant experience, training, current status, school name and location or whatever you think is pertinent.


We reserve the right to edit all submitted works.


Submitters are expected to ensure accuracy in their copy, especially with phone/fax numbers, addresses, names, places, factual material and statistics.


Submission constitutes the creator’s permission to use the material in Canadian Teacher Magazine. Please state at the time of submission if the material was previously published or is being submitted elsewhere.


Articles should be in the range of 800 – 1000 words but shorter or longer pieces may be accepted. Please note an approximate word count with your proposal or submission.


Light, bright colour images with sharp focus and good contrast are best. Send via email (maximum quality jpeg at 200 dpi). Please do not embed photographs in your text. Submission constitutes permission to use the photographs in Canadian Teacher Magazine and, if there are any children in the photograph, that parental permissions have been granted. For cover consideration, send vertical orientation at 300 dpi.


A year’s free Canadian Teacher subscription. For those with a business or organizational interest to promote, we will include your contact information with your piece.


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We accept only email submissions.

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