by Danna Smith

Sylvan Dell Publishing, 2013
ISBN 9781607186243 (sc)
$9.95, ages 3 – 9

This book is about rubber trees. They use rubber trees to make balloons. That was a big surprise! One thing that I learned by reading this book is that you need to cook balloons when you are making them. Something else that I learned is that the tap man comes before dawn to tap the trees and get out the milky oil. I also found out that, before rubber, tires used to be made out of wood!

One of my favourite parts was following the little bird on every page. The bird is in the forest with the rubber trees at the beginning of the book. It hops from page to page as it follows the rubber through until it is made into balloons. I also liked the games and activities at the end of the book.

This would be a good book for my teacher. She could teach all the kids in my class about rubber trees. My friend would like this book because she like trees.

[Review by Luka, age 5, Kindergarten (scribed by grandmother).]

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