Ting Ting

by Kristie Hammond

Sono Nis Press, 2014
ISBN 978-1-55039-210-4
$9.95(sc), 208 pp, ages 8 – 12

My favourite character in this story is Ting because she was very determined to learn English and I was amazed at how quickly she learned it! In the beginning the story takes place in Junah, China but after several chapters Ting moves to Vancouver, Canada.Ting lives in China and her parents are both in Canada. Ting wishes that they were both back in China with her, but they can’t come home because of protests that took place in Tiananmen Square. Over ten thousand students had been protesting government rules. Then the government fired guns and killed hundreds of students. Soon enough Ting is on a plane headed for Vancouver to live with her parents. Ting doesn’t know any English and her new home is a tiny apartment with bare walls.

This story reminds me of another book I read, about a girl who had to move from her country in Asia, and her struggles in Canada, learning English and just fitting in. Something I enjoyed about this book is the story was very engaging and interesting. I found that while I was reading I was never bored.

[Review by Anya, age 12, grade 7.]

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