Flood Warning

by Jacqueline Pearce

Orca Book Publishers, 2012
ISBN 978-1-4598-0068-7
$6.95 sc, 64 pp, ages 7 – 9

I just finished reading the book Flood Warning by Jacqueline Pearce. I really liked this book because I kept wondering if the family and their animals were going to survive the flood. This story takes place long ago in 1948. It is based on a true story of the Fraser River Flood outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. My favourite character in the book was Tom, the main character, because he has to help out the family and save the cows from drowning in the flood. I connected with Tom because he really liked the Lone Ranger and that is one of my favourite movies. I thought it was great how the family worked together and thought of a way to save themselves and their animals. When I thought about the flood it made me think about the times I go over the Cedar Bridge and see the Nanaimo River getting higher, especially after a lot of rain. I thought it was interesting to read a novel that was written by an author who was born on Vancouver Island just like me!

[Review by Brennen, age 10, grade 5.]

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