by Gordon Korman

Scholastic Press, 2013
ISBN 978 0 545 50322 8
$16.99, 240 pp, ages 8 –12

My favourite character in this story is Jax Opus, the main character, because he has the power to hypnotize people since he comes from a long family line of hypnotists. He also is a good person that tries to make everything right in the story.

The story mainly takes place in New York City in the offices of the Sentia Institute and school. Jax wonders what is wrong with him because he keeps seeing images of himself and people around him doing strange things. Jax receives an invitation from Dr. Mako to attend Sentia Institute where he learns he comes from a family of hypnotists and mind benders. Dr. Mako wants to help Jax control his powers. When Jax finds out Dr. Mako is actually using his powers to win an election for Senator Trey Douglas, Jax decides he needs to put a stop to it. With the help of other mindbenders known as the Sandmen, Jax is able to help stop Dr. Mako from controlling powerful people and harming Jax’s family and friends.

One of my favourite parts in the story was when Dr. Mako hypnotized Jax, making him jump from the fourteenth floor. Jax is saved by the power of hypnotists and some new friends. This story was quite original for me to read because I didn’t know much about hypnotists and their powers. I liked this book because it was unique and was not like many other stories I had read. The story was full of suspense and made me want to keep reading. I am hoping there is a book 2 soon. This book is a good choice for anyone who enjoys reading books full of excitement and suspense.

[Review by Connor, age 10, grade 6.]

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