Sleeper (The Seven Sequels)

by Eric Walters

Orca Book Publishers, 2014
ISBN 9781459805439 (pb)
$10.95,240 pp, ages 10+

This novel is part of The Seven Sequels series. I like this series because each book is written by a different author. Each story is based around a boy’s grandfather, who seems to have some secrets that the grandson learns through his adventures. I’ve read and enjoyed all the other books in this series. I find it difficult to put these books down once I start reading, and Sleeper is no exception.

This book is about an 18-year-old boy named DJ. When DJ and his cousins meet at his deceased grandfather’s cabin they find a secret compartment filled with spy gear and secret messages. The messages lead DJ to England to search for a Bernard March, one of his grandfather’s spy friends. DJ teams up with his friend’s granddaughter, Charlie, for a wild adventure. Some exciting events happen to DJ as he tries to find out what his grandfather was involved in. I really enjoyed when DJ and Charlie had to get rid of the Mercedes and BMW that were trailing them. They had to drive into a sea of taxis (and pay their driver 50 pounds) to hide. As the story continues, DJ and Charlie don’t know who to trust to help them.

This book is a good choice for anyone who enjoys Eric Walters’ novels and The Seven Sequels series. If you like a book that is difficult to put down that is full of adventure, you should read Sleeper.

[Review by Connor, age 12, grade 8.]

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