Criminal Destiny

by Gordon Korman

Harper Collins Canada, 2015
ISBN 978-1-4434-2876-7
$17.99, 320 pp, ages 10 – 12

I just finished reading the book Masterminds: Criminal Destiny by Gordon Korman (the second Masterminds book). I really liked reading this adventure novel. The story is about kids who turn out to be clones. They are part of an experiment called Project Osiris to see if they will turn out to be good people if they are raised in a very positive and happy environment. This is because they are cloned from deadly criminals. Once the kids find out about being clones, and the project, they decide to escape their perfect hometown and let others know about this terrible experiment. The story has the kids going on lots of adventures and they have many close calls. The kids have to break the law to survive and they even break out a criminal from jail to help them. This book is full of action and you get to know the characters really well because the chapters are based on each kid’s point of view. I liked all of the characters because they all had talents that worked together to help each other out. This book had so much adventure I wanted to keep reading and I am hoping there is a chance for a sequel with the way the story ended. If you like lots of action when you are reading, you should check out Masterminds.

Review by Brennen, age 11, grade 7

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