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Delighted to see the Canadian Teacher Magazine

I picked up my mail last week and was delighted to see the Canadian Teacher Magazine. It looks wonderful!! I like the layout and the articles are excellent!!! Congratulations!! How do I get more copies? I would love to bring a few to my school to let other teachers look through it. Thanks.

Raffaela Mercurio

Love the Magazine

Hi! I am a librarian that works in a school. Our school gets a copy of the Canadian Teacher's Magazine for the staffroom. I consult this magazine for book selection for the library to support the teachers. I love the magazine.

Barb Van Essen

Filling in the void of journals in Canadian education

You have done a marvellous job of filling in the void of journals in Canadian education. Keep on trying to get stuff from across the country to ensure that it is a national journal of education. Best wishes,



The following comments were submitted in the Readers Survey in the Winter 2007 issue. We invite your further comments and suggestions. Please send to:info@canadianteachermagazine

What do you like best about the magazine?

Excellent design. Crisp writing. Wide range of educational advertisements.

The articles and advertisements are relevant and informative.

I like to keep up-to-date with research and also new resources.

Classroom resources – new items available on the market.

It is awesome that you have included so much Canadian content. Our staff finds all the materials interesting, valuable and informative.

Each teacher [on our staff] enjoys a different area. I personally enjoy the healthy living and feature articles. You make teachers aware of good things in Canadian education—worth talking about.

Teacher articles, book reviews; environmental awareness; good stories; it covers many issues and is very informative; helpful tips for reaching students in need; school-wide projects; short stories. Appreciated the advertisements, i.e. curriculum in the classroom.

The topics are very timely – autism, literacy nights, behaviour modification.

Practical strategies and tips for teachers.

Current issues. Good suggestions/tips.

I love the environmental issues info and From the Classroom ideas.

The fact that it is not just regional but CANADIAN.

Book recommendations, Pro-D workshops, strategies, includes many topics, Tips For Teachers.

A lot of information about a variety of topics.

The book reviews with the grades that the book is geared to and most appropriate for use in the system.

Resources, reviews.

Wide variety of articles, advocate for children and education issues and policy, practical tips.

The large format, the fact that it’s free! Newsprint rather than glossy for environmental reasons, retirement info.

New book reviews.

It’s light reading with many ideas for helping in the classroom. Feature articles are great!

Information on books and articles geared to helpful strategies in the classroom.

Reviews on books, current teacher topics.

Good variety of topics.

Suggestions of things to do in the classroom.

All of the articles are based on topics that are relevant to the majority of teachers.

The book section.

Book reviews. Focus on improving teaching skills.

I like the practical strategies page.

Pro-D events.

Other comments

I'm raving to all colleagues in Vancouver, BC. What an outstanding teacher magazine! What a treasure to discover! Thank you for the past free copies [comment enclosed with subscription order].

Good magazine. I usually read it front to back.

Great publication. I’ve shared several recent features with other staff members. Super! Thanks!

A valuable, informative read for all educators.

Great job. Keep it up.

We love it. We also love the price!

Good content.

Keep up the great work!

I like that it’s Canadian.

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