Sept / Oct, 2017
Inclusive Education, Inspiring Possibilities
An Inquiry Unit to Address War, Racism and Genocide
Fiddler On The Roof
Apr / May, 2017
DesignThinkers 2016
Music as Brain Food
“We Want a Tech Club!”
Jan / Feb, 2017
Canada’s Parliament Out of Bounds for a Decade
Canada — 150 Years of Stories
Let’s Hit the Math Trails
Casting Multiple Intelligences in Classroom Filmmaking
Looking Forward — Minority Perspectives in Social Studies Education
Pokemon Go in Math Class
Sept / Oct, 2016
Idea Readiness Tool
Improvising On The Electronic Keyboard
For Teachers on Call – A Toolbox
Evaluating 21st Century Competencies
Apr / May, 2016
Making Cross-Curricular Connections
Bringing Well-Being to Our School
Jan / Feb, 2016
Yellow Is the Sun
Learning from Aboriginal Youth Transitioning from High School to University
Reading Music
God Save The Queen
Beauty in the Beast
Bring Enriched Math into Your Classroom
Sept / Oct, 2015
Curriculum Imbalance: A Case for the School Band Program
Teaching Fractions
How Mindfulness Affected My Teaching Practice
Apr / May, 2015
Rousing Curiosity in Math
Let’s Capture Those Teachable Moments
Students Can Finish Courses With A Bang
Jan / Feb, 2015
A Green Shift to Fundraising
Holocaust Movies in the Classroom
The Power of Play
Building Outside the Blocks
Improv Exercises as a Back-Up Lesson Plan
Let Your Students Create Art!
Sept / Oct, 2014
A Proactive Approach Towards Addictions
Engaged Thinkers, Ethical Citizens With an Entrepreneurial Spirit!
Media Literacy Starts With the News
Physical Education Homework
Controversy in the Classroom
Moving and Googling in Math Class
Who I AM
Apr / May, 2014
Growing Young Farmers
Eco Fun Fairs
Engaging Emotions and Imagination in Learning
Planting a Promise
Sowing the Seeds of Education
Cartooning and Doodling
Jan / Feb, 2014
When TED Talks, Educators Should Listen
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