Selected Articles: Teaching Ideas / Strategies

A Worm Bin in a Classroom  Sept/Oct 2013

Candy Inventions   Mar/Apr 2013

Happy Valentine's Day, Planet Earth  Jan/Feb 2013
The Activity Shoe  Jan/Feb 2013

Building Money Skills for Life  Sept/Oct 2012
The Summer I Bought a Typewriter  Sept/Oct 2012
A Reason to Remember  Sept/Oct 2012

A Case for Teaching Philosophy to Children  May/June 2012
On-The-Land Education  May/June 2012
River Journey  May/June 2012

Introvert? Extrovert?  Jan/Feb 2012
Breaking Through the "I Don't Knows"  Jan/Feb 2012
Whole Brain Teaching  Jan/Feb 2012
Discipline Tips  Jan/Feb 2012

Mindfulness and Creativity  Nov/Dec 2011
Classroom Routines  Nov/Dec 2011
Options for Change  Nov/Dec 2011
Sustainable Happiness for Teachers and Students  Nov/Dec 2011
Confessions of a First Year Teacher  Nov/Dec 2011

Head Games  Sept/Oct 2011
Discipline Tips  Sept/Oct 2011
Around the World in 80 Pages  Sept/Oct 2011

Making All Students Keen  May/June 2011
Mad Inspiration May/June 2011
Augmenting Bloom's May/June 2011

The 30 Percent Solution  March/April 2011
The Edutainer Building Authentic Relationships March/April 2011

Girls in Gaming  January/2011
Horse Sense and Magic for Morinville Students  January/2011

It's Time: Why ALL Learners Need Universally Designed Classrooms  November/2010
Growing Green Careers  November/2010
Educational Travel  November/2010
Building Resiliency Through Intergenerational Connections  November/2010
Write and Be Published  November2010

Teaching Hope: The Roots & Shoots Program  September/2010
Scientist Of The Day - A New Approach to Science Experiments in the Elementary School Classroom  May/2010
Reconsidering the Whole-Class Novel  March/2010
Tongue Twister  March/2010
Combining Learning with Service  January/2010
Show What You Know  January/2010
Creating Mr. Nattress  January/2010

Math Again?  November/2009
Strength-Based Classroom Strategies  November/2009
Educational Travel In A Recessionary Climate  September/2009
Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest  September/2009
Rhyme Time  September/2009
Tips for Teachers  September/2009

GardenPals  May/2009
Do We Have to Hold Hands?  May/2009
Teaching Without Preaching  May/2009

Dancing Is For Boys!  March/2009
Tips for Teachers  March/2009
Decoding Male Communication  March/2009

Jungle School: Lessons We Can Learn From Orangutans  January/2009
Bringing Books To Life In School  January/2009
Outdoors, Hands-On and Fun!  January/2009
2010 Games: An Opportunity to Inspire  January/2009
Student Led Conferences  January/2009
Passport to the Internet  January/2009

Out of the Cesspool of Perpetual Moil  Spring/2008
Listen, See and Do: The Benefits of Sign Language  Spring/2008
Tips for Teachers  Spring/2008
Toronto District School Children  Spring/2008

Green Thumb Plays the World  Spring/2007

Tips For Teachers  Winter/2007

Tips for Teachers  Winter/2006

Bringing Justice Alive  Fall/2006
Dear Paul  Fall/2006

Humane Education  Spring/2006
Innovative Video Application  Spring/2006
Dear Paul  Spring/2006
Tips for Teachers  Spring/2006
Playing With Words  Spring/2006

Dear Paul  Winter/2006
Classroom Debates  Winter/2006
Ideas for First Time Dance Teachers  Winter/2006
Teaching a Second Language  Winter/2006
Tips for Teachers  Winter/2006

Roots of Empathy Program  Fall/2005
Adopting Territory  Fall/2005
Dear Paul  Fall/2005
Mirrors  Fall/2005
Write for Rights  Fall/2005

Saskatchewan Artist in Residence Pilot Program  Spring/2005
No Girls Allowed?  Spring/2005
Planning a Field Trip  Spring/2005
Dear Paul  Spring/2005

Folk Tales in the Classroom  Winter/2005

Planning for Sanity  Fall/2004
Supporting Our Creative Students  Fall/2004

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