Selected Articles: Literacy

Can Write: Michelle Mulder Nov/Dec 2013

Can Write: Alan Woo  Sept/Oct 2013
Shaking the World Gently   Sept/Oct 2013
Teaching Tolerance Through Picture Books   Sept/Oct 2013

Can Write: Author Jacqueline Guest  May/Jun 2013
List Life Like a Poet  May/Jun 2013

Classroom Writing   Mar/Apr 2013
World Oceans Day – June 8  Mar/Apr 2013

Can Write: Iain Lawrence  Jan/Feb 2013
Creative Arts for High School Students
  Jan/Feb 2013
Making Predictions with Creative Non-fiction
  Jan/Feb 2013

Can Write: Interview with Ron Lightburn  Nov/Dec 2012
Historical Fiction: Free as the Wind
  Nov/Dec 2012
15 Minutes for 15 Years  Nov/Dec 2012
The New Reading  Nov/Dec 2012

Can Write: Interview with Claire Eamer  Sept/Oct 2012
Making Connections with Biographies
  Sept/Oct 2012

Picture This: Out on the Ice  May/June 2012
Pluggin into Poetry
  May/June 2012
What Writers are Reading
  May/June 2012
Can Write: An Interview with Dianna Bonder
  May/June 2012

School-Wide Literacy Event: Each Living Thing  Mar/Apr 2012
Family Literacy: Children's Book Festival  Jan/Feb 2012
Encourage Literacy at Home  Jan/Feb 2012
Can Write: Meet Chris McMahen  Jan/Feb 2012
Reading Detectives: Activities for all students  Jan/Feb 2012

Can Write: Deborah Hodge  Nov/Dec 2011

Can Write: Loris Lesynski  Sept/Oct 2011
School-Wide Literacy Event: Frog Girl  Sept/Oct 2011

Can Write: Michael Kusugak  May/June 2011
Learning to Speak  May/June 2011

School-Wide Literacy Event: Running Shoes  March/April 2011

Four Ways to Get Your Students Writing  March/April 2011

Reading and Writing a Graphic Story  January/2011

Non-fiction Reading and Writing  November/2010

Ready, Set, Read: Literature Circles Made Easy  September/2010
School-Wide Literacy Event: Storm Boy  September/2010
Summer Reading Loss  May/2010
Teachers as Readers  March/2010
School-Wide Literacy Event: The Recess Queen  March/2010
A School of Readers  March/2010

Improving Literacy Instruction While Developing Teacher Leadership  September/2009
School-Wide Literacy Event: Elf the Eagle  September/2009

School Start-Up Literacy Event  May/2009

School-Wide Literacy Event  March/2009

Literacy Centre Activities  January/2009

Guided Reading: An Action Plan  Fall/2008

The Power of Non-Fiction Text  Spring/2008

the planning department - Salmon Creek  Fall/2007
Making Connections With Non-Fiction Text  Fall/2007

the planning department - The Great Fuzz Frenzy  Spring/2007

the planning department - School-Wide Literacy Events  Winter/2007

the planning department - School-Wide Literacy Events  Fall/2006
Tips for Volunteer Reading Tutors  Fall/2006

the planning department - Oh Canada!  Spring/2006

the planning department - Oh Canada!  Winter/2006
Eating Poetry  Winter/2006

Guided Reading in French Immersion  Fall/2005
the planning department - Oh Canada!  Fall/2005

Family Writing  Spring/2005

Literature as a Teaching Tool  Winter/2005
Parents as Reading Coaches  Winter/2005
the planning department - Planning a Theme  WInter/2005

Challenge of Teaching Writing Skills  Fall/2004
When? What? Where? Poetry  Fall/2004

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