Why advertise in a magazine?

Magazines remain the number one medium for communicating with your target audience. Compared to new technologies and the Internet, the readership of print magazines has actually increased over the past five years. Why? Magazines do what the Internet doesn't—they promote deeper connections, create relationships and engage us in ways distinct from digital media. The immersive power of the magazine extends to advertising.

Canadian Teacher Magazine—a unique advertising opportunity.

Canadian Teacher Magazine is designed to inform and entertain teachers both in and outside the classroom. It keeps Canadian teachers abreast of current trends in their field—instructional strategies, classroom management, professional and personal development, and national and international education issues. And for life after 3 pm, it includes articles about holiday destinations, retirement options and lifestyle choices.

Each issue of Canadian Teacher Magazine is delivered to the staffroom of every English speaking and dual track school in Canada. It is truly a national publication, now in its tenth year, enjoying a warm reception in staffrooms in every region of the country. Our readers and contributors value the role the magazine plays in celebrating the accomplishments of Canadian educators and the rich resources available from Canadian companies and organizations.

We invite you to give your services, programs or products high profile exposure in Canadian Teacher Magazine, reaching a readership of over 60,000 teachers in over 12,000 schools, colleges, universities, educational coordinators and conferences three times a year.

Book now for the next issue or for the next three issues and save 30% with our discounted three issue rates. We look forward to delivering your message to teachers across Canada for as little as 1.5 cents per school.

One Price - Two Locations

Canadian Teacher Magazine offers exceptional online exposure in addition to the wide reach of the print copies.

Each issue of Canadian Teacher Magazine is free at where teachers read the magazine online, and where advertisers take advantage of another opportunity for connecting with their audience. Ads in the online version reach a readership of over 120,000 visitors each year—over 30,000 actual magazine downloads.

As an additional bonus, each advertiser gets a free linked listing in the "Current Advertisers List" page on the Canadian Teacher Magazine website for the duration of that issue.

Web only ads are also available.

Need an Ad Created or Adjusted? We Can Help.

Our print and web designers can help you create or adjust the ad you need for the magazine or website. (Rate: $45 per hour)

Print/Web Advertising Rates

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